CRM optimization for any stage on your journey to clean, reliable customer and prospect data

Your CRM Optimization Journey

Where are you on the journey to achieve clean, reliable customer and prospect data?

Expensive marketing campaigns that go nowhere because your customer data isn't current. Can't find enough new prospects for the pipeline. Sales reps who don't want to use your CRM because the data is too old or "dirty." A sales team spending too much time researching providers and locations and not enough time selling.

These are just some of the issues faced by dental manufacturers, dealers and labs trying to reach their customers when the CRM isn't performing as it should. The DentalMarketIQ suite of CRM optimization solutions is your destination for getting the most value out of your CRM so you can sell more, faster.

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A clean, optimized and reliable dental CRM made easy

The dental market is fluid and constantly changing. CRM data is always decaying over time, plus there are issues with old data, duplicates and incomplete records. If you rely on manual research and updates from your sales team, you may end up spending more time updating your CRM and less time selling. Cleaning, standardizing, and powering your CRM with truly reliable data may seem like a daunting task, but our CRM optimization solutions make it simple.

The DentalMarketIQ Advantage.

Every solution in our CRM Optimization Suite is powered by the most comprehensive, trusted source for dental practice and provider data. When you clean and regularly optimize your CRM data with DentalMarketIQ, you’ll be ready to make the most of your sales and marketing resources.

Targeting Insights to power your newly optimized CRM.

After cleaning and optimizing your CRM, supply it with new prospects and targeting insights to take your CRM’s ROI to another level. Our deep analytics and research on provider behavior and dental practices enable us to spot high-value targets for your category and products and deliver them to you.

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CRM Record-Focused Data Cleanup

12 Month Contract
  • Quarterly updates
  • Existing CRM record data standardized & matched with DentalMarketIQ master location index
  • Results of record matching provided
  • Cleaned data file ready for import into your CRM
  • Reliability Scoring for Active Location Status
  • CRM mapping guide


Identify New Prospects/Providers

12 Month Contract
  • Quarterly updates
  • Everything
    in the
    BASIC tier
  • Identify locations and doctors not in your current system 
  • Regular update with new matches and inactive locations 
  • Reliability Scoring for Active Location & Provider Status 


24/7 Web Access &
Monthly Updates

12 Month Contract
  • Monthly updates
  • Everything
    in the
  • 24/7 self-service access to real, activity-based data
  • Continuously updated web interface
  • Export


24/7 Web Access
Plus Group & Practice Focus

12 Month Contract
  • Monthly updates
  • Everything
    in the
    ADVANCED tier
  • Large, Small, Independent Practice and location data
  • Total Group Size, Location & Provider Counts
  • Watch List – access the top affiliated groups we’re tracking

Trust your CRM again

A standardized and easy-to-use CRM populated with data you can truly rely on leads to greater sales team engagement and marketing campaigns that meet their objectives. DentalMarketIQ’s suite of CRM optimization solutions is the growth engine to get you there.

DentalMarketIQ CRM Optimization Suite Solutions

Big Data

Powered by DentaBase®, the largest and most comprehensive dental database in the U.S., containing claims data on nearly every dentist in the country sourced from over 70 contributing dental insurance payers.

Expert Research

Enhanced by primary research from the DentalMarketIQ team for additional up-to-date practice info and insights.

Complete Picture

Integrated with third-party data streams to round out the provider and practice data picture.

Clinical Expertise

Informed by over 25 years of clinical expertise serving the dental industry.

This unique combination makes DentalMarketIQ the source for up-to-date practice and provider insights. CRM records that are standardized, matched and enhanced with one of our CRM Optimization Suite solutions will have your sales and marketing teams engaged and excited to use your CRM again.

From basic CRM cleanup to deep DSO insights, DentalMarketIQ is with you every step of the way. Schedule a demo to discuss our CRM Optimization Suite solutions by completing the contact form below: