CRM record-focused data cleanup

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How CRM cleansing can help dental organizations

DentalCustomerIQ solves many of the challenges business leaders face in putting their CRM data to work across their organizations.

A CRM that’s unorganized, unreliable and just unusable. It’s a common problem for those targeting dentists in this ever-changing market. As any sales team will tell you, it can be a serious demotivator and a recipe for low ROI.

The Master Location Index

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DentalCustomerIQ plugs your CRM into the most comprehensive source for dental provider info.

DentalCustomerIQ’s Customer Matching Process standardizes and matches your CRM’s data to the DentalMarketIQ Master Location Index. This index is a complete census of the entire dental practice market and is powered by DentaBase®, the most comprehensive dental claims database available.

The Master Location Index is further enhanced by extensive expert market research from the DentalMarketIQ team, regularly keeping your customer records up to date with any changes.

An optimized CRM empowers your team to sell more, faster.

One study found that customer data deteriorates at a rate of 30% per year.1 If you're letting your data get stale, you're missing out on opportunities in your sales pipeline and likely dropping the ball with current customers. Reverse your data decay and clean up your CRM’s customer records with our definitive source of truth for location data.

What could your team do with a reliable, optimized CRM?

  • On-target marketing and sales conversations: Having reliable information on a practice enables precise targeting of a lead using the right offers and customized marketing messaging.
  • Manage territories and focus on what matters: With a clear understanding of what’s happening in a geography, you can focus on the most valuable opportunities and stay on top of change.
  • Speed to close and increased sales ROI: When a team trusts the data in front of them, deals close faster and stronger relationships can be built.


Just some of the features in a DentalCustomerIQ subscription:

Records matched, verified and standardized

Your existing CRM record data is matched with the most comprehensive provider listings available: the DentalMarketIQ Master Location Index.

Clean, verified data, ready to import

After standardizing and matching, you get a clean data file ready for importing into your CRM system of choice.

Quarterly updates to comprehensive national data

With quarterly updates, you can be sure your CRM stays clean and optimized.

Reliability Scoring

Our exclusive reliability scoring confirming active location status supplies the confidence that a provider is active at a location.

CRM Mapping Guidance

A mapping guide and support ensures you’ll have the tools needed to sync DentalCustomerIQ fields to those in your own CRM.

Superior Support

The DentalMarketIQ team is ready to help you clean, verify and enrich your customer records quickly and efficiently.

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Dental supply organizations across the U.S. rely on DentalMarketIQ as their source for updated info on providers and practices, from the largest DSOs to any independent practice.

Contact us and see how DentalCustomerIQ removes the headache of CRM data cleansing, eliminates data decay and gets your sales team back to selling.

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