Running expensive campaigns based on bad or questionable data?

GroupPracticeIQ® provides a better way.

GroupPracticeIQ - one of our CRM Optimization Suite solutions

Who’s recently joined a DSO or changed locations? Who are the emerging and growing practices my team should be targeting?

GroupPracticeIQ, part of our suite of CRM optimization solutions, gives dental manufacturers, dealers and labs a 24/7 web-based tool to turn to for a clear understanding of the entire U.S. provider and practice market.

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See how a subscription to GroupPracticeIQ will enable you reach the entire U.S. provider market. Search large group, small group and independent practice location data in a web-based tool anytime, anywhere.

From large DSOs to independent practices, navigate the changing dental provider landscape with confidence

Don’t have a reliable source for up-to-date practice activity? No resources to spare on updating and maintaining location info? A GroupPracticeIQ subscription provides deep, current, practice-level insights on every actively practicing dentist, location, and group in the U.S. — including affiliation status. And it’s all powered by real dental claims data, exacting research and over 25 years of clinical expertise.

What can I do with GroupPracticeIQ?

With web-based access to who the large, medium, small and emerging group practices are, GroupPracticeIQ enables manufacturers, dealers and labs to more efficiently:

  • Drive strategy
  • Improve sales & marketing effectiveness
  • Understand movement of providers between locations, especially affiliated group locations
  • Enhance group practice relationship management
  • Reduce confusion between retail and group market teams – territories, quotas, etc.
  • Begin or maintain a Market Data Management strategy

This comprehensive, monthly census of the U.S. dental practice market alleviates confusion, eliminates time wasted on scouting for data and gets your team back to accomplishing its goals.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive source for dentist, location and group info in the U.S.

Just some of the features in a GroupPracticeIQ subscription:

Search listings updated monthly, based on the largest database of dental claims data available

Practice insights and provider info that’s trusted by the industry and verified by third parties and our experts. Reach large, small or independent practices.

Access advanced search and map tools in our 24/7 web-based tool

Efficiently track provider movement, plot your sales strategy and give your entire team access to reliable insights with our online GroupPracticeIQ search engine.

Powerful export options to work with data your way

Download national and regional views or even location-level exports so you can work with the data your way and share data across systems.

Find the right targets, in the right place

Drive strategy, improve sales & marketing effectiveness, alleviate territory confusion and enhance group relationship management.

Keep an eye on the groups you should be watching

Each monthly update to GroupPracticeIQ includes analysis and highlights of key group trends including tracking growing practices based on number of locations and comprehensive identification of every dentist.

Monitor activity within specific DSOs

Trying to get a handle on DSO movement? The pandemic has spurred merger and acquisition activity to an all-time high. GroupPracticeIQ keeps you in the know and helps you monitor group size and know which provider is under which affiliation.

GroupPracticeIQ from DentalMarketIQ helps you reach the entire market of U.S. providers by delivering large group, small group and independent practice location data in a web-based tool you can access anytime, anywhere. Contact us to learn more.